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Cottage Food Production

Rebecca Nielsen, Program Manager
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The number of people who produce foods in their home (cottage foods) has sharply increased in the past several years. The majority of the foods produced in private residences are sold at outdoor markets throughout Utah. We now have more than 400 cottage food facilities in the state. As part of the Department’s commitment to protecting consumer food safety, our inspectors are eager to educate home cooks on the regulatory standards that are in place to protect this fledgling industry.

Complete Application Packet

The complete application packet above contains the following:

  • Cottage Food Cover Letter
  • Application Form
  • Checklist for Home Food Production
  • Labeling Guidelines for Home Produced Foods
  • Sample Labels for products sold pre-packaged
  • Sample Ingredient Lists for on demand products
  • Sanitizers - Chlorine Bleach
  • Sanitizers - Quaternary Ammonium

Sample Cottage Honey labels

Questions & Answers for Farmers Market/Outdoor Market Vendors and Organizers