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Marketing & Economic Development

Marketing/Communications and Economic Development is a small division but plays a major role in meeting the department’s mission to “Promote the healthy growth of Utah agriculture, conserve our natural resources and protect our food supply.”

A Marketing Order is created at the request of an agricultural commodity group in the state. The Commissioner can create an order or fund from monies collected from producers and handlers of a specific agricultural product. Funds are generally collected based on the sale value of the agriculture products. The funds are to be used for advertising, promotion or research. Notice is given by the Commissioner to registered producers or handlers of an affected commodity product, a hearing must be held for comment, and at least 50% of the group must vote in favor of the order. The department may establish boards of control to administer the marketing order and ensure the proceeds as used to promote the interests of the affected agricultural commodity. Funds are subject to an annual audit.

Utah Apple Marketing Order (R65-1)
Utah Cherry Marketing Order (R65-2)
Utah Turkey Marketing Order (R65-3)
Utah Egg Marketing Order (R65-4)
Utah Red Tart and Sour Cherry Marketing Order (R65-5)
Utah Sheep Marketing Order (R65-11)
Utah Small Grains and Oilseeds Marketing Order (R65-12)

Under the 2008 Farm bill, the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) receives grant funding from the United States Department of Agriculture to enhance the competitiveness of Utah’s specialty crops (fruits, vegetables, tree nuts, dried fruits, horticulture, and nursery crops).

In order to seek out program enhancing projects, UDAF conducts an annual competitive application process to award grant funds to eligible and top-scoring candidates. Click here for a complete list of specialty crops visit.

2020 Specialty Crop Block Grant Application

Please visit the Utah's Own website for more information.

The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food plays a major role in meeting the state’s mission to “Promote the healthy growth of Utah agriculture, conserve our natural resources and protect our food supply.”

We are focused on creating opportunities for Utah agriculture and food businesses to be successful in local, national, and international markets.

As a member of WUSATA, we assist companies in entering the global market by participating in trade activities that include trade missions, trade shows, and inbound buying missions. We are also partners with World Trade Center (WTC) Utah. WTC Utah offers a variety of services for companies interested in going global.

Available resources include:

- USDA Federal-State Marketing Improvement Program (FSMIP)

- Access to WUSATA international trade activities

- One-on-one consultation on international market opportunities for agriculture and food companies (through WTC Utah)

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you and your business export, please contact the Marketing Communications Division.