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Animal Industry

Animal agriculture in Utah represents the single largest sector of farm income in Utah. At a value of more than $1 billion, and with 25 of the state’s 29 counties reporting livestock as the dominant agricultural sector, the UDAF spends considerable energy maintaining a healthy and prosperous industry, and reporting our actions to Utah citizens.

The various programs within UDAF’s Animal Industry Division protects Utah livestock, and reduce the effects of foreign and domestic diseases; increase the market value of Utah livestock; promote and ensure animal health and productivity; protect human health; and prepare for and respond to emergency situations involving animals.

Animal Industry Programs:

Animal Health Program

The Animal Health Program collects resources on diseases & outbreaks, provides information for veterinarians, publishes animal health requirements, and assists with premises mapping.

Aquaculture Program

The Fish Health Program provides registrations and permits for commercial businesses and fish imports. Find information on inspections and diagnostics, as well as general fish health/aquaculture resources.

Brand Inspection Program

The Brand Inspection Program is responsible for verification and tracking of livestock ownership and transport, including elk.

Domestic Elk Program

The Domestic Elk Program is the state resource for elk breeding farms and hunting ranches. Contact the program to manage business/hunting permits, imports of elk and reindeer, and inspections. Support for bighorn sheep farms is also available.

Meat and Poultry Inspection Program

The Meat and Poultry Inspection Program regulates meat processing and plants/facilities. Access information on inspections, enforcement of federal standards, licensing, and resources & training.

Predator Control Program

The Predator Control Program provides directions on contact information for predator encounters, local/native nuisance animal information, exemption forms, and aerial hunting licenses pertaining to handling nuisance animals.

Utah Horse Racing Commission

The Utah Horse Racing Commission is the regulatory body for the Utah horse racing industry. Their page houses information on monitoring tracks and races, policies & resources, and racing applications & certifications.

Other Information: