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Regulatory Services

The Division of Regulatory Services has regulatory oversight of products in the areas of food, weights and measures, dairy and bedding, upholstered furniture and quilted clothing.

Our staff prides itself in professional and sound services to ensure wholesome, clean and uniform products throughout the state. In this new era of security, we are dedicated to providing helpful information and trained professionals to be constantly vigilant in the safety of our food supplies.

Regulatory Services Programs:

Bedding, Upholstered Furniture, and Quilted Clothing Program

Under the Bedding, Upholstered Furniture, and Quilted Clothing Inspection Act, UDAF monitors relevant products for hygiene & allergens and maintains annual licensing for manufacturers/retailers, inspection/testing, and labeling information.

Cottage Food Production Program

For those wanting to make & sell food out of their private residences, UDAF handles permit applications and licensing via the Cottage Food page, among other resources & regulations.

Dairy Compliance Program

Dairy product production, handling, pasteurization, and distribution must be in compliance with state regulations. View all forms, resources, regulations, and inspection fee lists, and contact the department for more assistance.

Egg and Poultry Grading Program

UDAF handles small producer registration for egg & poultry operations under a certain size. USDA handles egg grading services and more for both small and large producers. Directions and resources for both can be found on this page. 

Food Safety and Compliance Program

For the protection of both the consumer and the manufacturer, UDAF monitors safety and compliance for the commercial food supply.Find information about facility inspection services, HACCP plan guides, product registration, and recalls.

Kratom Program

Kratom is a tropical evergreen with medicinal uses. The Kratom Program monitors manufacturing and retail of Kratom products in Utah, and handles registration, compliance, and product lists.

Manufactured Food Regulatory Program

Separate from the base Food Safety program, UDAF administers large scale, B2B, and exported food regulations. Establishments can access relevant applications, inspection information, and view other documentation.

Retail Food Regulatory Program

For direct-to-customer food sales, the Retail Food Regulatory Program provides safety/quality monitoring of both wholesale and food retail. View applications, inspection details, compliance resources, request intakes, and regulatory documentation.

Utah Rapid Response Team

Report food-related illnesses, view food safety factsheets and other info, and access the Rapid Response Team news feed on the URRT website.

Weights and Measures Program

The Weights and Measures Program standardizes measuring devices and unit labeling to make certain that products are accurately presented and priced. Device inspection, registration/applications for service providers, consumer complaints, and other rules are housed under this program.