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Hay Program

Aaron Eagar, Program Manager, (801) 602-1961

List of Noxious Weeds in Utah

Read this document for full instructions on How Do I Certify My Hay as Weed-Free?

There is a growing demand for weed free forage in North America as a preventative program for the spread of noxious weeds. This program has developed a list of standards that should provide land managers assurance that noxious weeds will not be spread through the movement of forage.

What Forages can be Certified?

  • Alfalfa hay
  • Grass hay
  • Alfalfa/grass mix hay
  • Forage pellets and/or cubes
  • Wheat or other grain hay
  • Straw bales

Utah complies with NIASMA standards for weed free forage.

Hay and Straw Weed Free Certification Fees

Certificate/Bulk loads of hay up to 10 loads (hourly rates charged for driving time) $30.00
Hourly rate (hourly rates charged for driving time) $28.00
If time involved is 1 hour or less $28.00
Charge for each hay tag $0.10
Citations, maximum per violation $500.00
Emergency service for single component only (per sample) $42.00
Mileage rates will be charged in addition to the rates above.