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Utah Grazing Improvement Program

Troy Forrest, Director, (435) 279-3603


Three Creeks LLC

Three Creeks LLC

Three Creeks LLC

UGIP is dedicated to improving the health and sustainability of Utah’s rangeland. It provides grants & funding resources for ranchers, direct rangeland improvement programs/projects, support plan development, and interact with news and media.


  • Utah Grazing Improvement Program Grant
    • Applications are open annually through January 1. 
    • Program Manager: Troy Forrest -, (435)279-3603; Grant Contact: Regional GIP Coordinators
    • The Utah Grazing Improvement Program (GIP) provides cost-share grants to rangers for rangeland improvements.Eligible projects include any restoration work that will improve rangeland health, productivity and management. In order for proposals to be competitive, a recommended maximum request is $100,000. Applicants are advised to work with their regional GIP coordinator for application assistance and more information. 
    • Project examples: elimination of invasive species, reseeding, livestock water development and improvements, fencing, grazing management planning, and any other projects that improve watershed and rangeland health and productivity. 


  • UGIP Predatory Animal Control Grant
  •  2022 Application window open through June 17, 2022. 
    • Program Manager: Troy Forrest -, (435)279-3603; Grant Contact: Regional GIP Coordinators
    • This grant is open to eligible livestock producers who have suffered predation losses and provides reimbursement for up to 50% of the cost of the contracted amount for practices used to stop or reduce predation. A total of $150,000 is available. To apply, contact your regional GIP coordinator


  • UGIP Small Livestock Producers Grant
    • 2022 Application window open through June 17, 2022
    • This grant is open to small livestock producers (50 animal units or less) for projects that will improve grazing management on federal, state, or private land.  A total of $100,000 is available with an award maximum of up to $10,000. To apply, contact your regional GIP coordinator

Strengthen Utah’s Livestock Industry

  • Improve the sustainability of livestock grazing through science-based management principles. UGIP Technical Committee Report
  • Work cooperatively with federal agencies and partners to promote efficient multiple-use management of public lands. Sustainable Grazing for Southern Utah Forests
  • Work with federal agencies and Congress to implement policies and procedures that allow maximum flexibility when addressing grazing and environmental issues.
  • Curtail the decline of public lands grazing opportunity by using sustainable management practices. History of AUM reductions

Improve Rural Economies

Enhance the Environment

Provide technical expertise and educational opportunity for working ranches and the next generation of ranchers.
Cowboy Ecology–Land EKG; Beginning rancher comments