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Utah Grazing Improvement Program


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The Utah Grazing Improvement Program seeks to improve the productivity, health, and sustainability of our rangelands and watersheds. It’s believed that well planned and managed livestock grazing is the most important landscape-scale tool for maintaining healthy rangelands, watersheds, and wildlife habitats. Healthy rangelands contribute to a healthy livestock industry and productive rural economies. The goals are to strengthen Utah’s livestock industry, improve rural economies, and to enhance the environment.

Strengthen Utah’s Livestock Industry

  • Improve the sustainability of livestock grazing through science-based management principles. UGIP Technical Committee Report
  • Work cooperatively with federal agencies and partners to promote efficient multiple-use management of public lands. Sustainable Grazing for Southern Utah Forests
  • Work with federal agencies and Congress to implement policies and procedures that allow maximum flexibility when addressing grazing and environmental issues.
  • Curtail the decline of public lands grazing opportunity by using sustainable management practices. History of AUM reductions

Improve Rural Economies

Enhance the Environment

Additional Information About GIP

Information for Ranchers Interested in the GIP Program