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About UDAF

With roots dating to 1921, the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food is one of the State’s oldest agencies. It oversees dozens of legislatively mandated programs that promote the healthy growth of Utah agriculture, the conservation of our natural resources and the protection of our food supply. Two important programs are the Utah Grazing Improvement Program and the Invasive Weeds Mitigation Program. Both work to improve the health of our rangelands and watersheds.

In the area of food safety, the Department inspects the state’s 4,000 retail stores and the many food processing plants for food quality and safety and correct item pricing.

The Department’s Utah’s Own Program works to reconnect consumers with their food supply and promotes the benefits of Utah’s locally grown and processed foods which represent 15 percent of Utah’s economy. The Department also protects animal health and the state’s $1 billion livestock industry, as well as guards against invasive insects.

This year, 2021, we are proud to celebrate UDAF’s 100 Year Anniversary.  Learn more here.

Utah Agriculture Affiliated Organizations

Western Ag. Credit
Utah Farm Bureau Federation

UDAF Committees and Boards

Agricultural and Wildlife Damage Prevention Board
Agricultural Advisory Board
Apple Marketing Board
Egg Marketing Board
Elk Advisory Council
Fish Health Policy Board
Fruit Insect Decision and Action Committee
Grasshopper/Mormon Cricket Decision and Action Committee
Gypsy Moth Decision and Action Committee
Japanese Beetle Decision and Action Committee
Livestock Brand Board
Livestock Market Committee
Pest Control Compact Board
Pesticide Committee
Red Tart Cherry Marketing Board
Sheep Marketing Board
State Weed Committee
Sweet Cherry Marketing Board
State Grazing Advisory Board
Turkey Marketing Board
Utah Beef Council
Utah Dairy Commission
Utah Horse Racing Commission
Utah Conservation Commission
Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Advisory Board

Need some records from UDAF. Submit a Government Records and Management Act (GRAMA) form by clicking on our downloadable form here and submitting it.

Visit the UDAF Contact page for more information.

Our Mission

Promote the healthy growth of Utah agriculture, conserve our natural resources and protect our food supply

Our Values

Integrity and respect; Stewardship and accountability; Growth and achievement; People and partnerships; Heritage and culture

Our Priorities

Improve communication and awareness of agriculture; Conserve and enhance Utah's lands and natural resources; Ensure food safety and consumer protection; Build partnerships, advocates and develop agricultural leaders

Click here to view and download our policies and procedures handbook.