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UDAF Releases 2023 Utah Medical Cannabis Market Analysis 

The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) Medical Cannabis program has released the 2023 Utah medical cannabis market analysis to estimate patient demand and medical cannabis availability throughout the state. The market analysis was completed by a third-party reviewer, Cannabis Public Policy Consulting (CPPC), to ensure a fair and accurate analysis.

“A market analysis is completed every year to evaluate whether or not the Utah Medical  Cannabis program is fulfilling its duty to ensure that medical cannabis patients have adequate  access to the medicine they need,” said Dr. Brandon Forsyth, UDAF Director of Industrial Hemp and Medical Cannabis. “I am proud to see that overall, patients are able to legally access their  medication within the state at a reasonable cost compared to other medical cannabis markets.  However, we can clearly see that additional efforts are needed to bring more Utahns into the Medical Cannabis program from illicit sources.”

The CPPC surveyed 197 participants who are currently or had previously been enrolled in the Utah medical cannabis program. 

Highlights from the market analysis: 

  • Utah’s medical cannabis patients pay less for medication, falling in the bottom ten states for amount paid monthly on cannabis 
  • 58% of patients reported there was plenty of supply of medical cannabis products
  • 74.5% of patients did not feel the need to travel outside of the state to get the medical  cannabis products they need 

Areas of concern from market analysis: 

  • 41% of patients reported having a limited or very limited supply of medical cannabis products they wanted to purchase 
  • 25% of patients are still traveling outside of Utah to get cannabis products due to cost
  • 59% of cannabis products were acquired from illicit sources rather than regulated pharmacies 

The main goal of the Utah medical cannabis program is to ensure patients have access to a  safe medical product. The program will continue to work to address the issues brought up in this analysis to make sure patients no longer feel the need to get their medical cannabis from illicit and unsafe sources. 

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