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Utah Pollinator Habitat Program

2024 Program Timeline:

  • The 2024 application period is now closed. The 2025 application period will run from March 1 through April 15, 2025.
  • The Application Process and Program Details Webinar was held on Wednesday, March 27, 2024.
  • Awardees for the 2024 program period will be notified via email on June 3, 2024.
  • Annual report due from previous 2022 and 2023 awardees on Tuesday, July 30, 2024.
  • The Awardee Webinar will be presented on Tuesday, July 30, 2024, at 6:00 p.m. A Zoom link will be provided beforehand to all participants.
  • September-October 2024: Plant distributions. Click on the Utah Pollinator Habitat Program Calendar on the right panel to see dates and locations for each region.

Welcome to the Utah Pollinator Program. Pollinators play a vital role in our agricultural industry, local economies, and overall health of our ecosystems. Unfortunately, many pollinator populations have experienced drastic declines in recent years. Population loss can be linked to several contributing factors including loss of habitat, changing climate and associated weather patterns, disease and pesticide use.

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Utah Pollinator Habitat Program Goals

The purpose of this program is to achieve the following:

  • Increase the amount of available pollinator habitat throughout Utah
  • Enhance and expand existing landscapes to improve resources (pollen and nectar) available for pollinators
  • Provide better connectivity between habitats to better support beneficial species
  • Increase access and availability of native seed resources across the state
  • Increase public awareness and involvement to improve pollinator habitat state-wide

General Information

  • Online application submission: March 1 through April 15, 2024
  • Awards will only be given to properties owned or managed by applicant
  • Projects must be in Utah to qualify
  • All categories of applicants will be considered (individuals, non-profits, government agencies, academic institutes, commercial entities, Native American tribes, wildlife preserves, land trusts, etc.)
  • Habitat improvement priority areas will include watersheds and habitat corridors that provide connectivity
  • Particular emphasis will be on improving habitat for native pollinator and bee populations throughout the state
  • Irrigation for plant establishment will be a requirement for project award
  • Awarded applicants will receive additional information in August with plants available early Fall for distribution
  • Plants are pre-selected and supplied based on your region

The Utah Pollinator Habitat Program is now on Facebook and Instagram, where you can get up to date news and ideas.