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LeRay McAllister Working Farm and Ranch Fund

2024 applications open now through August 16, 2024. Click each image to learn more.

Learn more about the HB 371: Changes and Updates Affecting Land Conservation in Utah, by clicking here.

Utah Conservation Easement Codes:

The LeRay McAllister Working Farm and Ranch Fund provides grants to preserve or restore critical open land or agricultural land in Utah. Eligible applicants are counties, cities, towns, the Utah Department of Natural Resources, other Utah Agencies, Land Trusts, and charitable organizations that qualify as tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 

The LeRay McAllister Program uses funds appropriated by the Utah Legislature to purchase conservation easements on important pieces of private land, acquire small parcels in fee title under limited circumstances, and provide small restoration grants to improve conserved lands. Since 2002, the LeRay McAllister Fund has conserved nearly 100,000 acres of critical lands in Utah.



Jeremy Christensen, [email protected], (385) 441-4106