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Feed Program

Mark Ashcroft, Program Manager, (435) 755-1578

What We Do:

We administer the Utah Commercial Feed Act; which involves inspection, registration, sampling and testing of commercial feed products.

Registration and Licensing Options Explained: 

  • Home Produced Pet Treat Registration
    • All pet treats distributed in the state of Utah must be registered with the state. (If a company is home-based for production and retail, they fall under this category)
  • Customer-Formula Feed License
    • We do not license businesses or locations that sell feed products. A customer formula feed license is required when a company produces custom feed mixes made to buyer specifications. These custom products do not require additional product registration.


  • Commercial Feed Registration $60.00 per product per calendar year
  • Home Produced Pet Treat Registration $60.00 per calendar year
  • Customer-Formula Feed License $75.00 per calendar year

Utah Code and Administrative Rules Relating to Commercial Feed Products: