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Utah Department of Agriculture and Food recognizes, supports, and values our robust business community. Agriculture and food production play a major role in Utah’s economy.

As such, UDAF is committed to ensuring all businesses are properly licensed and registered, and well informed about regulations (both existing and future). If you have questions about your particular industry, please locate that industry on our website and contact them.

Utah’s Own is a state-run marketing program operated by the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food devoted to helping consumers discover quality local products, connect with Utah’s agricultural and food producers, and strengthen Utah’s economy.

Utah’s Own supports local agricultural and food companies with credible local branding, business-to-business networking, and beneficial marketing opportunities. To learn how you can get involved or become a business member, visit

The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food and the Utah’s Own program have partnerships with a variety of trade associations and export resources, including WUSATA, to expand market opportunities for Utah agricultural and food businesses.

Our International Trade Specialist, Calli Nielsen works diligently to connect producers to export resources and opportunities. If you are currently exporting, or are interested in learning more about resources available to get started, please contact Calli Nielsen, at [email protected].