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Land Conservation Program

“Conservation will ultimately boil down to rewarding
the private landowner who conserves the public interest.” – Aldo Leopold


The UDAF Land Conservation Program’s mission is to conserve productive farm and ranch land through voluntary, incentive-based approaches, on properties that exhibit a substantial positive impact to Utah’s agricultural future, whether on their own or as part of a broader working landscape.

UDAF helps landowners and the public benefit from State, Federal, and private sector land conservation programs, by providing direct technical and financial assistance for individuals and entities pursuing permanent land conservation projects.

Interested landowners are encouraged to Register with UDAF. We will connect you with a Planner who will consult with you on your individual goals or project needs. This can include in-field assessments to identify conservation values and resource concerns specific to your property, comprehensive farm & ranch management planning, discussions about succession and future land transfer, and conservation easement planning. Generally, these services are free to landowners.

UDAF’s Conservation Division offers a comprehensive approach to sustaining Utah’s agricultural production and working landscapes. Our staff will connect you with your local Resource Coordinator, Soil Health Planner, and other local experts in your area to help identify resource concerns on your farm or ranch and design a comprehensive farm management plan to ensure your operation is sustainable into the future. If you are interested in pursuing a Conservation Easement (LINK TO EASEMENTS PAGE) on your property, this is a necessary first step. This process is entirely voluntary, and landowner driven. Our planners will work to understand your specific situation and needs and create a plan that works for you, on your terms. Planners can also help you identify and apply for available grant money to offset the cost of implementing time, water, and resource saving measures on your farm or ranch.



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