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Utah Retail Outlets Can Now Apply to Sell Industrial Hemp Products

The Utah Agricultural Code and Hemp & Cannabinoid Act has been updated. All retail establishments selling industrial hemp products must have a permit to continue marketing and selling throughout the state. The permit is required for all Utah retailers to include online platforms based within the state. Retail businesses that are based out-of-state and sell hemp products online are not required to possess a retail permit, however, the products that are being sold to consumers in Utah must be registered with the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food. Utah retailers can apply here and pay $50 per location and per calendar year to receive a retail permit.

All retail establishments that market and/or sell industrial hemp products must apply for and maintain a hemp retail permit with the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF). Industrial hemp products are defined as products containing hemp fiber, hemp seed oil, or products containing a cannabinoid (including CBD). The retail permit is an additional regulatory step to ensure products are being sold throughout the state are safe. Retailers must ensure all products being sold and marketed within their establishment are registered with the department to ensure compliance with permit conditions. UDAF inspectors are increasing inspection efforts throughout the state and will be reminding retailers to obtain a permit and verify that all products being sold in a retail establishment have been registered for the new fiscal year.

To register as a hemp retailer visit, click Online Services (Look Up, Renew, or Forms) and select New License Application. Scroll to the bottom and select 8003 Industrial – Hemp Retail. Fill out the applicable information and proceed to the online payment. Please allow five business days for the department to send the retail permit via email.

Cody James, Manager of Industrial Hemp & Medical Cannabis: “Industrial hemp and CBD products are an emerging and popular market. Unfortunately, this market is new enough that there is the ability for illegal or unsafe products to surface. Our program has been tasked with protecting the state’s consumers and companies associated with our program. Our job is to ensure all products in the marketplace are safe for consumers. This permit allows us to know who is selling and what products are being sold in the state, and gives us a way to verify state compliance and safety of the products.” The Utah Industrial Hemp and Medical Cannabis Program began in November 2018. Regulatory requirements continue to grow as the industry develops throughout the state. During the last fiscal year the department registered over 2,000 hemp products and licensed over 250 industrial hemp producers. The Utah Industrial Hemp and Medical Cannabis Program will continue protecting consumers from potentially harmful, illegal, and falsely labeled industrial hemp products.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call the Utah Industrial Hemp and Medical Cannabis Program at 801-982-2375 or email: [email protected].