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Non-Commercial Pesticide Applicators

Non-commercial Applicator - any person working as an individual or an employee of a firm, entity or government agency who uses or demonstrates the use of any restricted-use pesticide and who does not qualify as a private applicator, nor require a commercial applicator's license. In Utah, employees of government entities most often hold this license type. Although a Non-Commercial Applicators License is not necessary when applying general use pesticides, it is strongly recommended.

All pesticide applicators must be 18 years of age to receive a Pesticide Applicators License.

Not sure what type of license you need? Click here.

Are you being asked to apply for a governmental entity or on your employer-owned property? This section will help you get licensed and prepared. Every potential applicator must first take training offered by USU Extension. There is a fee paid to USU Extension. Upon passing the exams at a testing center, you must pay the UDAF licensing fee here. Failure to do so could result in citation.

I Have Completed the USU Pesticide Modules:
Congratulations on getting the modules done! You are one step closer to acquiring your license. Click here to find the testing center in your area!

I Need to Get the USU Pesticide Modules Done:
The first step in getting your Non-Commercial Pesticide Applicator License is to go through the Utah State University Pesticide Modules. These modules are the education process you MUST go through to acquire your Non-Commercial Pesticide Applicator License. This course is required and there is a fee.  You will need your own personal email (using someone else's email may be considered cheating) to register for this course - USU Extension will not accept a company email for more than one person. Click here to go to the USU Pesticide Certification Modules.

There are a total of 15 categories that can be held under a Utah Pesticide Applicator’s License. Each one has specific reasons for them to be held. Click here for a downloadable list of each category and description.

Do you need help finding CEU events?

There are two methods you can use to renew your Non-Commercial Pesticide Applicator License when the time comes. Please note: All Pesticide Applicator Licenses are good for 3 years INCLUDING the year attained and always expiring on December 31st, of the 3rd year.

Method 1 - Renewing your Non-Commercial License with CEU's



Here's how you renew a Non-Commercial Pesticide Applicator License with CEU’s:

  1. Pay the $20 license fee. Call 801-538-7100 OR pay online at any time:
  • Go to UDAF's Online Payment
  • In the Pay For drop-down menu select Non-Commercial Pesticide Applicator License.
  • Complete the payment process. The receipt will be emailed.
  • Be sure to retain a copy of the receipt to send with your documents.
  1. Complete the attached application and email it (including receipt), along with your 24 CEU's, to

If you don't get all of the above done by December 31, 2019, you can still renew your pesticide applicator license through February 28, 2020, by paying a $25 late fee.

24 CEU’s are still required and they must be earned during your valid license period (2016-2019). If that date passes, you must retest.

You should receive your license within 30 days. If not, please contact us at 801-538-7185 (option #2) or

Don't have enough CEU hours? Obtain more below

Need more CEUs? Click here to find a CEU event near you.

Click here for obtainable online CEUs

Method 2

The second way to renew your license is to simply retake the appropriate modules and tests that are appropriate for the license type and categories held.

Do you need to take the USU Extension Pesticide Modules? Click here to go now.

Have you completed the appropriate modules? Click here to find a testing center.

Looking to work in the State of Utah? Moving to the state of Utah? This section will help you learn how to move your license to a State of Utah pesticide applicator license. The State of Utah will reciprocate a Pesticide Applicator’s License from most states if the steps are followed. Please call us with any concerns at (801) 538-7185.

  1. The first step in getting an out of state pesticide applicator’s license, reciprocated in the State of Utah is to have a “Letter of Good Standing” from the state the license is coming from.
  2. Next, have on hand the $20.00 fee via credit card or E-check (checks can be left blank).
  3. The third step in getting an out-of-state license reciprocated in the State of Utah is to scan in your Driver’s License, Current License (Front and Back) from the state UDAF is reciprocating with. Also, if applicable, your FAA Pilot’s License for the aerial category.
  4. The final step is submitting the above-mentioned information and forms, and, if applicable, your FAA Pilot’s License to or you can also take pictures of each item and attach them to an email as photos. If that doesn’t work you can mail each item to: Department of Agriculture - Pesticides, 350 N Redwood Rd, Salt Lake City, UT 84116