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Pesticide Continuing Education


*** ATTENTION Past CEU Event Sponsors:***

There is a way to hold pesticide CEU Events virtually during the pandemic. Click here to learn more!

Due to the Pandemic and various resulting issues of obtaining in-person CEUs, UDAF is accepting any combination of approved in-person and online CEUs for recertification, including accepting up to 24 total online CEUs.  

Calendar – For continued updates click here to download the calendar


We will accept 12 hours from the approved Online CEU’s listed above and 12 from in-person workshops.

USU Extension Online CEU’s may be substituted for in-person training CEU’s

For CEU approval, you will need to email Drew Matthews at (Copy and Paste the email into your email service) with the information below

  • Event Sponsor (Name, address, usable logo)
  • Event Location and Address
  • Any information regarding any required registration, invitation, etc.
  • Anything you and/or the group would think helpful.


For online CEU approval, you will need you email Drew Matthews at with the information below
  • A course description
  • Duration of the course
  • A course outline
  • Access to review the course (or a sample of random courses if approval for many is requested).


CEU Requirements by License Type

  • Commercial – 24 total CEU hours (2 in Law, 6 in Safety, 10 in Use, 6 of your choice)
  • Non-Commercial – 24 total CEU hours (2 in Law, 6 in Safety, 10 in Use, 6 of your choice)
  • Private – 6 total CEU Hours


Online Continuing Education Units


Frequent Live Event Sponsor’s Websites


Add a Category to Your License

Other Safety CEU Methods

You can obtain extra safety CEUs through CPR First Aid or other health courses through the Red Cross or other certified organizations.