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Pesticide Continuing Education


As of February 1st, 2020 the process of going through USU Extension pesticide education and testing has ended. The education and testing procedure will go back in-house through UDAF. USU will still be holding testing at their testing locations but the module and then testing process will be removed.

The educational manuals are available here and are accessible anytime through PDFs. We will not be printing any manuals but you are welcome to order them for a fee or just access them anytime through the PDF itself. Those instructions will be available on the website as well. If you have any questions regarding this change please call 801-538-7185 or email



We will accept 12 hours from the approved Online CEU’s listed above and 12 from in-person workshops.

USU Extension Online CEU’s may be substituted for in-person training CEU’s


For CEU approval, you will need to email Drew Matthews at (Copy and Paste the email into your email service) with the information below

  • Event Sponsor (Name, address, usable logo)
  • Event location and Address
  • Any information regarding any required registration, invitation, etc.
  • Anything you and/or the group would think helpful.


For online CEU approval, you will need you email Drew Matthews at with the information below
  • A course description
  • Duration of the course
  • A course outline
  • Access to review the course (or a sample of random courses if approval for many is requested).


CEU Requirements by License Type

  • Commercial – 24 total CEU hours (2 in Law, 6 in Safety, 10 in Use, 6 of your choice)
  • Non-Commercial – 24 total CEU hours (2 in Law, 6 in Safety, 10 in Use, 6 of your choice)
  • Private – 6 total CEU Hours


Online Continuing Education Units


Frequent Live Event Sponsor’s Websites


Add a Category to Your License

Other Safety CEU Methods

You can obtain extra safety CEUs through CPR First Aid or other health courses through the Red Cross or other certified organizations.