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UDAF Releases 2019 Annual Report

The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) released its 2019 Annual Report recently.

Each year, the report highlights the significant activities and metrics of its seven divisions and 28 programs.

The back half of the publication provides statistical updates from the US Department of Agriculture, provided by its National Agriculture Statistics Service.

“Just one of our many essential functions as a state agency is to share with Utahns the work of our department,” said UDAF Commissioner Kerry Gibson. “I’m proud to share some of the accomplishments and amazing milestones of UDAF and encourage all agriculture and food industry professionals and citizens across the state to see what’s happening in our agency.”

Sections within the book include Animal Industry, Plant Industry, Food and Produce Safety, Chemistry Lab, Conservation, and work done from the Office of the Commissioner.

Downloadable copies of the book can be found online here.