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Applications for Licenses, Permits, and Registrations

Atmosphere Control in Storage Facilities

Controlled Atmosphere Storage Facility

Bedding, Upholstered Furniture and Quilted Clothing

Manufacturer of Bedding and/or Upholstered Furniture
Manufacturer of Quilted Clothing
Sterilizer of Filling Material
Upholstery Supply Dealer
Upholsterer With Employees
Upholsterer With No Employees
Wholesale Bedding/Upholstered Furniture Dealer


Beekeeper Non-Profit Youth Group


Be a Bulk Milk Hauler/Sampler
Become a Dairy Products Distributor
Make Butter
Make Cheese
Operate a Milk Manufacturing Plant
Operate a Milk Processing Plant
Operate a Pasteurizer
Test Milk For Payment

Elk License

Domestic Elk Farm
Domestic Elk Park

Farm Custom Slaughter License

Farm Custom Slaughter

Fertilizers and Feed

Blender Of Fertilizers
Feed Product Registration
Fertilizer Product Registration
Produce Customer Formula Feed Mix


Aquaculture Facility
Fee Fishing Facility

Food Establishment

Food Establishment Registration

Horse Racing

Horse Racing – Owner/Trainer
Horse Racing – Owner
Horse Racing – Trainer
Horse Racing – Assistant Trainer
Horse Racing – Jockey
Horse Racing – Veterinary Clinic
Horse Racing – Pony Rider
Horse Racing – Groom
Horse Racing – UHRC Organization License

Industrial Hemp

Industrial Hemp – Product Registration
Industrial Hemp – Processor
Industrial Hemp – Retail


Kratom Product Registration

Livestock Auction Market

Auction Weigh Person
Livestock Auction Market

Livestock Dealer

Livestock Dealer
Livestock Agent

Meat Plant

Custom Exempt Meat Establishment
Federal Meat Establishment
Talmadge Aiken Meat Establishment
State Meat Establishment

Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis – Courier – Rural
Medical Cannabis – Courier – Urban
Medical Cannabis – Cultivar
Medical Cannabis – Laboratory
Medical Cannabis – Pharmacy – Rural
Medical Cannabis – Pharmacy – Urban
Medical Cannabis – Pharmacy – With Courier – Rural
Medical Cannabis – Pharmacy – With Courier – Urban
Medical Cannabis – Processor (Tier 1)
Medical Cannabis – Processor (Tier 2)


Nursery Agent
Nursery Outlet


Organic Certificate Crop
Organic Certificate Handling
Organic Certificate Livestock
Organic Accredited Certifier

Pesticide Applicator/Dealer

Commercial Pesticide Business
Commercial Pesticide Applicator
Non Commercial Pesticide Applicator
Pesticide Product Registration
Private Pesticide Applicator
Restricted Use Pesticide Dealer


Hatchery Operator
Poultry Dealer


Aerial Hunting

Temporary Livestock Sale

Temporary Cattle Consignment Sale
Temporary Horse Consignment Sale
Temporary Livestock Production Sale

Weighing and Measuring

Weighing & Measuring Device/Individual
Weights and Measures Establishment Registration