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Raw Milk Permit Reinstated to Utah Dairy

Officials with the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) have reinstated the permit to sell raw cow’s milk to Utah Natural Meat and Milk (dairy) located in West Jordan, Utah. The dairy’s Raw for Retail permit was suspended in September 2023 after Campylobacter bacteria found in their milk samples was linked to 14 illnesses.

“Food and consumer safety are our priorities at the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food,” said UDAF Commissioner of Agriculture, Craig Buttars. “While we did not take suspending the license of this small farm and business lightly, it was important that we ensure the milk products were safe for consumption. We are grateful for the efforts by the UDAF team as well as the dairy owners to isolate the cause of the illnesses and to ensure the milk is safe to be sold once again.”

Per state statute: 4-3-503 (12)(b), the dairy was required to have three clean tests following the outbreak for their permit to be reinstated. The dairy owners took appropriate actions and worked with UDAF inspectors to make improvements and ultimately get the three clean tests required.

All Raw for Retail Milk and milk products produced in Utah are subject to monthly sampling and testing by the state. Nevertheless, raw milk, no matter how carefully produced, may be unsafe. Individuals who choose to consume raw milk or raw milk products are advised to observe the following to help decrease the chance of foodborne illness:

  • Heat raw milk to 165° F for at least 15 seconds (and then cool it) before consuming.
  • Keep raw milk and raw milk products refrigerated at or below 40° F; do not let raw milk sit out at room temperature.