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UDAF Awards 2023 Specialty Crop Block Grants

The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) has awarded $386,242 across five projects in Specialty Crop Block Grants (SCBGP) in an effort to support Utah’s specialty crop industry.

SCBGP is a competitive grant program operated by UDAF in which funding from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is awarded to eligible applicants. Funded programs support Utah’s specialty crop industry, which includes fruits, vegetables, tree nuts, dried fruits, and horticulture, among others.

“The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food is grateful for the ongoing support of the USDA AMS Specialty Crop Block Grant Program,” said UDAF Commissioner Craig Buttars “Through this funding, our department is proud to provide opportunities for farmers, food processors and distributors, agricultural researchers, and other organizations dedicated to strengthening Utah’s specialty crop industry. Utah has a vested interest in ensuring the continued success of these operations, and funding from programs like this is one way we can provide meaningful financial support to the producers we depend upon.”

UDAF is pleased to support projects that will increase specialty crop education for the public and beginning farmers. In addition, funded projects will maximize sustainable production using alternative water sources, promote increased awareness of Utah-grown tree fruits, and learn more about irrigation needs in the state. The link to the USDA press release can be found here.

UDAF will be offering more SCBGP grants in the future. The next round of applications is expected to open in February 2024, with applications due in mid-March. For more info visit or email Allison Ross at [email protected]