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Chocolate Tour of Utah – Day 4

As the Chocolate Tour of Utah continues I am struck by how each chocolatier has its own little spin on this sweet treat I have enjoyed but largely taken for granted. Chocolate itself varies in subtle ways and we’ve enjoyed the different flavors and tastes. But it’s the magic each company puts into their product, the spirit of entrepreneurialism, that is so vibrant and colorful with each visit. Today, we made a trip down to Lehi to see the unique spin of Just Add Chocolate, but we also invited in Deziria Chocolate to drop by and say hello to the UDAF team and share with us his expansive vision of taking chocolate to the world.

Just Add Chocolate

What a fun and creative little store! Just Add Chocolate is fitting because of the wide selection of things they just add chocolate too. Their chocolate tastes will make you smile, but the names they have given each of their creations will make you laugh. For example, Kevin Bacon (chocolate-covered bacon), Elvis Pretzel (chocolate-covered pretzel), Wheel of Good Fortune (chocolate covered fortune cookies), or how about something heavenly such as the Hill Cumorah (chocolate-covered Twinkie) or the Temple Squares (chocolate squares with temple imprints). And they go a step further by offering interesting and fun specialty chocolate dipping classes where small groups, families, or dates can pay a modest fee for 90 minutes of some hands-on academics. Just Add Chocolate has two locations – one in Provo and one in Lehi. As such, much of Utah County has already heard about them, but they are worth the extra drive from parts yonder to experience this fun and tasty experience.

Deziria Chocolate

Growing up in Germany instilled Seyhan Bozkurt and Oniz Birsoy with a deep appreciation of quality chocolate. But after moving to the United States, they couldn’t find chocolate that lived up to their expectations at a price point everyone could enjoy. Determined to share their love of chocolate, the husband and wife team fine-tuned a combination of farms, ingredients, processing, packaging, and trade to create the most desired flavor of chocolate for all. Today, you can find Deziria Chocolate on the shelves of a growing number of grocery stores in Utah and beyond, including Walmart and Pacific Foods. While Deziria’s processing has been temporarily moved overseas, he has plans underway to re-establish his manufacturing in Logan in 2020.