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The Utah pesticide program has been working with Utah pesticide businesses, government agencies and farmers for over a hundred years by overseeing the application of pesticides throughout our beautiful state. Our Pesticide website has information and links for first-time licensees, returning pesticide licensees, pesticide business licensees and pesticide product registration. As well, as some useful information for the public. These links provide further detailed information to help aid in answering your pesticide-related questions. Enjoy your time exploring our site and thank you for visiting the State of Utah Pesticide website.


As of February 1st, 2020 the process of going through USU Extension pesticide education and testing will come to an end. The education and testing procedure will go back in-house through UDAF. USU will still be holding testing at their testing locations but the module and then testing process will be removed.

 If you have registered with USU you will have to finish the process but if you haven’t and want to wait until the new system is implemented, you are welcome to do that as well.

The educational manuals will be available on the website and accessible through PDFs. We will not be printing any manuals but you are welcome to order them for a fee. Those instructions will be available on the website as well. If you have any questions regarding this change please call 801-538-7185 or email

Do you use or apply pesticides? Do you need an applicators license or a pesticide business license? This section will help you with all things related to the use and application of pesticides in the State of Utah. Click here to continue.

Do you sell, re-package, or manufacture pesticides? Are you a registrant or representing one? This section will help you with product registration in the state of Utah. Click here to continue.

Submit RUP Sales Information

You will need your RUP License number and PIN number to enter the data properly.

Utah Pesticide Control Rule for RUP Dealer Record Requirement


"Each dealer outlet licensed to sell restricted-use pesticides is required by the Department to maintain a restricted-use pesticide sales register by entering all restricted-use pesticide sales into the register at the time of sale." Click here for the full rule.

Get a New RUP Dealer License

Renew a RUP Dealer License

Just looking for Pesticide information? Want help choosing the right pesticide company for you? Need to see what pests you have? This is the section for you! Click here to continue.

If you are a cannabis grower, this section will provide the guidance you need to use pesticides in accordance with the rules of the State of Utah.. Please click here to continue!

UDAF Pesticide Program has been working with UDOT over the last year to establish pesticide collection/disposal location sites. We have the first round of sites comping up (see below). UDAF is hoping to establish 3 collection/disposal sites per year, in various locations. Everyone with a pesticide license will receive an email notification from UDAF once the sites are in place. For more information please visit UDAF’s Pesticide Collection Registration webpage.


The next 3 disposal Opportunities will be announced soon.

Click here to vote for where you would like to see them!