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Hay Program


Aaron Eagar, Program Manager, (801) 602-1961

Weed-Free Hay Growers List

List of Noxious Weeds in Utah

Read this document for full instructions on How Do I Certify My Hay as Weed-Free?

There is a growing demand for weed free forage in North America as a preventative program for the spread of noxious weeds. This program has developed a list of standards that should provide land managers assurance that noxious weeds will not be spread through the movement of forage.

What Forages can be Certified?

  • Alfalfa hay
  • Grass hay
  • Alfalfa/grass mix hay
  • Forage pellets and/or cubes
  • Wheat or other grain hay
  • Straw bales

Utah complies with NIASMA standards for weed free forage.

In order to certify your hay as weed free, please contact your local UDAF Compliance Specialists.

Hay and Straw Weed Free Certification Fees

Certificate/Bulk loads of hay up to 10 loads (hourly rates charged for driving time) $30.00
Hourly rate (hourly rates charged for driving time) $28.00
If time involved is 1 hour or less $28.00
Charge for each hay tag $0.10
Citations, maximum per violation $500.00
Emergency service for single component only (per sample) $42.00

Mileage rates will be charged in addition to the rates above.