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Industrial Hemp Program Laws and Rules

Utah’s Approved USDA State Plan
4-41 Hemp and Cannabidiol Act
  • Individuals can cultivate and process industrial hemp if they are licensed by the Department.
  • Individuals can market industrial hemp and industrial hemp products provided the products have been registered by the Department.
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) products may be sold around the state of Utah, provided they are registered with the Department.

All applicants are expected to have read all applicable industrial hemp rules prior to submitting an application.

To apply for an Industrial Hemp Retail Permit:

-> Online Services
–> Select “License/Permit Renew”
—> Click “New License/Permit Application”
—-> Select License Type 8001 “Industrial Hemp – Grower”, 8002 “Industrial Hemp – Processor, or 8003 “Industrial Hemp – Retail”

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