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Industrial Hemp Product Registration

In order to be sold or marketed, an industrial hemp product that contains cannabinoids (Cannabinoid Product) is required to be registered annually with the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food. 

Industrial hemp products that contain no cannabinoids do not require registration.

Current Industrial Hemp Registered Product List:

Click here to check which products are currently registered with UDAF.

What is considered “One Individual Cannabinoid Product”?

  • An individual cannabinoid product is defined as a product with the same cannabinoid content with one single flavor or scent.
  • If a product has multiple flavors, each flavor must be registered and paid for separately.
  • If a product comes in different cannabinoid dosage amounts the products are considered separate products and must be registered individually. (example: 1000 mg and 2000 mg products that have the same formula)

What Is an industrial hemp product class?

  • An Industrial hemp product class is a group of cannabinoid products that have all ingredients in common; and are produced by or for the same company.
  • A group of cannabinoid products in the same industrial hemp product class may be registered for one fee. (Example: 200 mg Tincture Mint Flavor sold in 2 oz and 4 oz bottles)
    • NOTE: All label and testing requirements will still be required for each product

Product types that are NOT allowed

  • Smokeable flower
  • Cannot be considered appealing to children
  • Cannot be added to conventional food or beverages 
    • Gummies are allowed as an exception as long as they are not shaped like characters/animals (See appealing to children) 
  • Cannot contain a combined concentration of total THC and any allowed THC analog of more than 0.3% on a dry weight basis see R-68-26 for details
  • After December 1, 2022, Cannot contain a combined amount of total THC and any THC analog that exceeds 10% of the total cannabinoid content.

What THC and THC Analogs are included in the Total THC allowed 

  • The state considers the following compounds as part of the total THC allowable in a product
    • Δ9 THC
    • Δ9 THCA
    • Δ8 THC
    • Δ8 THCA
What other cannabinoids are allowed 
  • The state allows the following additional cannabinoid in products with no current limits in place
    • CBC
    • CBL
    • CBD
    • CBDV
    • CBE
    • CBG
    • CBGV
    • CBN
    • CBV
    • THCV

The following compounds are considered adulturants and are not allowed in any amounts

  • THC-O Acetate
  • HHC
  • THCP
  • ANY other THC analogs not specifically identified above
How long is product registration good for?
  • Product registration is good for one calendar year from the date of approval
  • A new registration is required every year for every registered product

How to register a cannabinoid product:

  • Complete product registration application. See link for application and detailed information
    • NOTE: one application is required per industrial hemp product or industrial hemp product class
  • The following is required as part of the application
    • A full panel certificate of analysis (COA) is required for each final product that contains cannabinoids.
      • NOTE: See Product registration application and Utah administrative rule R68-26-4 for details on COA requirements and R68-37 for testing standards
    • A current COA will be required to be visible to the consumer at all times either on the product website or via QR code.
    • A product Label for each product
      • NOTE: See Product registration application and Utah administrative rule R68-26-5 for details on label requirements
    • View label example here
  • Pay product registration fee
    • Each cannabinoid product, or industrial hemp product class, requires the applicant to submit $250 registration fee and a non-refundable $75 service fee (total of $325)
    • Products will not be evaluated until payment is made
    • If you have questions about the cost of registration please contact Product registration at or 385-285-8146
  •  The department will evaluate each application once fee is paid
    • UDAF may request additional information from the applicant  if material submitted in the application is not sufficient for approval
  • Applicant will be notified via email that product meets registration requirements and the product will be added to our registered product list

To update product registration, please email the new information to or call 385-285-8146

For substantial changes or rebranding a new product registration may be required

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