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GIP Before and After Photos


Pictured above are:
Left: An area in Southwestern Utah damaged by fire.
Right: The same area, three years later, following a reseeding project that added grasses and forbs.
The new vegetation cover benefits livestock and wildlife while reducing erosion potential. See corresponding data.

Pictured above:
Several livestock watering troughs have been installed to help spread out cattle more evenly as they graze on public and private lands. The projects allow for a more even distribution of the cattle and help protect the forage and environment. See more.

Pictured above are:
Left: Juniper trees typically outcompete favorable grasses and forbs.
Right: These trees were mechanically removed to reduce competition and allow for the growth of species that support livestock and wildlife and prevent soil erosion. See corresponding data.

Pictured above are:
Left: Rabbitbrush, a weedy species, was removed
Right: Allowing grasses and forbs to thrive
Clearing the thick brush cover also makes beneficial forage more accessible to livestock and wildlife. See corresponding data.