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Future of Grazing

In Utah, the average age of our farmers continues to rise. Information presented to the Governor’s Task Force on Sustainable Agriculture showed the average age of farmers/ranchers in Utah in 2007 to be nearly 57 1/2 years. (Fig. 6)

The Next Generation

GIP is also focused on assisting the next generation of ranchers. Through a USDA grant, and in cooperation with Utah State University Extension, we have provided several multi-day rangeland management workshops over the last two years. Pre and post event surveys demonstrate the effectiveness of getting these beginning ranchers together. Ranching is a complex business and success requires innovation and creativity. It is rewarding to see these young ranchers learn from each other as well as from those who have managed successful ranches for decades.

Hear from Ginger and Jared Johnson; “beginning ranchers” who carry on a tradition of caring for the land.

See the video of a Beginning Rancher weekend at the Tavaputs Ranch in Eastern Utah (a music video).