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Restricted-Use Pesticide Record Rules

(4) Records Maintained. Each dealer outlet licensed to sell restricted-use pesticides is required by the Department to maintain a restricted-use pesticide sales register by entering all restricted-use pesticide sales into the register at the time of sale. The restricted-use pesticide sales register must be available in an electronic format approved by the Department. The electronic register form, shall include the following information:

(a) The Corporate or Company Name.

(b) The name of the branch store that made the sale.

(c) The store’s complete Restricted-Use Pesticide dealer license number, including the prefix.

(d) The complete sale date including the month, day and year.

(e) The first and last name of the salesperson that made the sale.

(f) The first and last name of the buyer.

(g) The buyer’s complete Pesticide Applicator License number, including the prefix.

(h) If the buyer was authorized by letter, the authorization letter must be kept on file.

(i) If the buyer used a temporary permit, a copy of the permit must be kept on file.

(j) The buyer’s complete street address, city, state and zip code.

(k) The brand name of the product sold, its EPA Registration Number and the quantity sold.

(l) The product container size and it’s unit of measure (i.e. gallons, liters, etc.). Such records shall be kept for a period of two years from the date of restricted-use pesticide sale and shall be available for inspection by the commissioner’s designee at reasonable times. The commissioner’s designee, upon request, shall be furnished a copy of such records by the restricted-use pesticide dealer.

You will need your RUP License number and PIN number to enter the data properly.

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