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Pesticide Educational Materials

These manuals are for any applicator looking to acquire a Commercial or Non-Commercial License. You are welcome to acquire as many or as little categories as you feel you may need to make compliant applications. You will need to study at least the Core manual and one category to acquire your license. All manuals are free to print yourself but the UDAF Pesticide Program will not have any manuals printed at their office for hand out.

If you are looking to get a private applicator license, click here to go to the Private Applicator Educational Material Page.

National Pesticide Applicator Core Manual

(1) Agricultural Pest Control (Plant) (Animal)

(2) Forest Pest Control

(3) Ornamental and Turf Pest Control

(4) Seed Treatment

(5) Aquatic Pest Control (Surface Water) (Sewer)

(6) Right-of-Way Pest Control

(7) Structural and Health-related Pest Control

(8) Public Health Pest Control

(9) Regulatory Pest Control (Collar) (Injection)

(10) Demonstration, Consultation, and Research Pest Control

(11) Aerial Application Pest Control

(12) Vertebrate Animal Pest Control

(13) Fumigation and Stored Commodities Pest Control

(14) Wood-Preservation Pest Control

(15) Wood-Destroying Organisms Pest Control