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Pesticides Product Registration

Do you sell, re-package, or manufacture pesticides? This section will help you with all things related to the distribution of pesticides in the state of Utah.

Pesticide Product Registration

  • The annual registration fee is $195.00 per pesticide product.
  • The fee must be made payable to the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food and must accompany the application.
  • All registrations expire June 30 of each year; renewals not received in our office by that date will be assessed a late fee of $25.00 per product.
  • A current label for each NEW product must be submitted with the application form, either by mail or by email. Any changes in labeling for each product must also be submitted.
  • If your product is currently registered and the label has not changed from the previous year, please indicate NO LABEL CHANGES on your application.
  • Any product that you would like to DISCONTINUE must be paid for the next two years or have a letter submitted stating that the product is no longer in the channels of trade.
  • Any registration not received by August 31 will receive a citation of $100.00 per company in addition to the registration fee and the late fee. If all fees are not paid within 15 days after receiving the citation, the citation will double to $200.00 per company. If all fees are not paid within another 15 days, the citation fee will double again to $400.00 per company. If the citation fee is not paid within 30 days the Department may request a hearing with the company.
  • Please submit the following information with the application: contact person, mailing address, phone number, fax number, email address for the contact person, and web site address for the company. If there is a change from the previous year, please send the correct information.
  • All 25(b) and adjuvants products are required to be registered and pay the annual registration fee.

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*Online Credit Card payments now accepted up to $50,000*

24(c) pesticide labels: Coming soon!

2ee pesticide submission and labels: Click Here

Section 18 pesticide labels: Coming soon


What products have to be registered with the pesticide program in Utah?

Utah requires products to be registered that are regulated pesticides intended to prevent, destroy, control, repel, attract, or mitigate any life considered to be a pest, substances intended as defoliators or desiccants and adjuvants to aid in the application of pesticide products.

What qualifies as a pesticide?

A simple answer and guideline is anything intended to kill, destroy or repel. This includes insecticides and herbicides, but also anti-bacterial soap and even bleach. Utah definitions of pesticides encompass finished product pesticides ready for use, concentrates, technical grade products that will be combined to create pesticides and adjuvants.

What qualifies a pesticide product as exempt under a 25(b) exception?

To find out if your product is exempt, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has a list of five conditions required for a substance to be considered a “minimal risk pesticide.” You can review their requirements online here to find out more.

I want to remove a product that’s being phased out, but the online system won’t let me deleted it. Why not?

Utah has a two-year discontinuance process for registered pesticide products to ensure that products already on shelves in the channels of trade are registered as long as they’re likely to be purchased. Any product that you would like to discontinue must be paid for the next two years or submit a letter stating that the product is no longer in the channels of trade.

What is a restricted use pesticide?

A restricted use pesticide is a product not sold for general public use and can only be used or applied by a certified pesticide applicator or under their direct supervision. The allowable uses of these substances are specifically defined for each product; these classifications are made by the EPA. (Goes to a website that doesn’t exist)

My product isn’t a pesticide but is added to pesticides to aid in application. Do I still have to register it?

Yes. Products of this type are required to be registered in Utah and are flagged as adjuvants in our database.

Does Utah require registration for pesticide devices?

No, Utah does not register devices.

I’m submitting an application for a new product and the application has a spot for my customer number. Is that the customer number tied to my EPA registration?

No. The customer number is a unique identifier for the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food. If you’ve previously registered products with us, the customer number can be found on registration certificates and renewals. If not, please mark that you are a new customer and we will create a new account for your business.


How should I submit labels?

We now require all labels for new products or for revised labels be emailed to [email protected]. Revised labels require a detailed list of changes. Soon we will have a new system that will require companies to attach new or revised labels to individual product names.

Do I need to submit labels on all products being registered every year?

Because of physical and digital storage constraints, we only require producers to submit labels that are new or have a substantive revision.

How do I log in to the online product registration system?

To login you will need your Utah Customer Number and PIN. Both can be found on renewal notices for Product Registration. You will also receive them along with a link to our website each year in an email renewal notice.

I forgot or lost my PIN, how can I get it?

Your PIN number is necessary to log in to our online systems and is found below the customer number on renewal notices for product registration. If you don’t have access to that number, you can either use the online PIN Request option.

What does going paperless mean?

If you choose to go paperless, you’re opting to get your annual renewal notices and any late fee notices sent directly to you via email instead of waiting for physical mail delivery. Official certificates and citations will still be sent via U.S. mail.

My registration is late and I have both renewals and new products to add. Do I owe late fees on all these products?

No. Late fees are only due for renewed products we have not received by the due date. So to calculate the late fees you owe, multiply the number of products being renewed by $25 per product.

If I’m registering and paying online, what types of payment are accepted?

The payment system accepts all major credit cards and e-checks for any amount.