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Pesticide Use in Cannabis Production

This page is a resource for Cannabis cultivators. Here you will find a list of pesticides that fit Utah’s rules for use on Cannabis. You will also find a link to the Worker Protection Standard, a federal law that applies to agricultural producers that use pesticides. In addition, there are resources to guide growers as they implement Integrated Pest Management strategies to protect their crops. For all other non-pesticide cannabis information go to the Cannabis Programs page.

As a commercial Cannabis producer, you are also responsible to follow the Federal and State Pesticide Worker Protection Standards (WPS)

To learn if the WPS rules apply to you, click here and follow the quick questionnaire.

To learn more about the Worker Protection Standards and how to comply with them, click here.

If you would like more information or would like to request a compliance assistance inspection, email Aleisha Baker at

If you need to file a complaint about the misuse of pesticides, you can do so here.