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Commissioner Logan Wilde

Logan Wilde

My path to public service began when my uncle, a member of the Morgan County Farm Bureau, ‘volun-told’ me to serve as Morgan County’s Young Farmer for the bureau. At the time, I felt I didn’t have the time or understanding to serve effectively in that capacity, but he refused to hear any of my objections. Leaving the necessary books on my kitchen counter and a reminder of when the first meeting would be held, he walked out while reiterating, “You are the new Young Farmer for the Morgan County Farm Bureau.”

This first experience in public service, in a relatively unknown capacity, started me down a path of learning and fighting for the needs within my own community and in the communities surrounding mine. I learned of ways to lift and help others; I learned to have the courage to respond to the needs of others.

Following my service with the Farm Bureau, I served as chair of the Morgan County Council. This taught me that top-down management was costing and damaging relationships on the ground. I have always tried to foster relationships that build our community from the bottom up. I believe that communities grow better and faster when bureaucrats get out of the way.

I was also privileged to serve as chairman of the Weber-Morgan Board of Health. As I worked with other board members to protect and secure our quality of life, I learned of the difficult and complex nature of the public policy issues in our state. More importantly, I learned that numerous citizens in Utah are willing to help solve these issues through their knowledge, experience, and resource.

I was elected to serve in the Utah House in 2014. Since that humbling moment, I have worked diligently with the numerous communities in my district to ensure that state legislation does not cripple our individual and unique freedoms. As a predominantly rural district, I have actively defended the agricultural practices and interests of these areas. In conjunction with these efforts, and while serving as a board member of the Utah Association of Conservation Districts, I have been one of our state’s leading voices in safeguarding conservation in Utah.

I’ve grown up a lot since I served as Young Farmer for Morgan County Farm Bureau, and as I’ve grown my love for Utah, its people, its values, and its potential has increased exponentially. 


Work History:

  • Managing Partner at M.R. Wilde and Sons 1998 to current
  • Utah State House of Representative 2017 to current
  • Natural Resource Committee Vice-Chair, budgeting, state policy
  • Weber-Morgan Health Department Board 2014 to 2016
  • Board Chair, health policy
  • Morgan County Council 2012 to 2016
  • Council Chair, Administration, county policy, budgeting 
  • Utah State Community Development Block Grant Policy Board
  • Wasatch Front Regional Council      
  • Utah Conservation Commission 2009 to 2012
  • Utah Association of Conservation Districts 2008 to 2012
  • Principal Legislative Contact
  • Department of Agriculture policy 
  • Morgan Conservation District 2005 to 2012
  • Morgan County Young Farmer/ Farm Bureau 2001 to 2004
  • Morgan County Farm Bureau board member