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License Renewal Information

For Pesticide Applicator Licenses 4001-4003

To renew your license, you can either test through a testing center or renew through CEUs.

If you are testing, you will need to pay your license fee with UDAF as you will need the receipt with you at the testing center of your choice in order to take the test.

If you have acquired the proper number of CEUs, they must be seen by a UDAF employee and approved before a license will be sent. If you pay for the license and do not get the required paperwork (CEU certificates AND correct renewal form below) to the UDAF Pesticide office, a license will not be sent to you. See below for how to get them to the pesticide licensing department.

How to send in your CEUs

All CEU renewals must be sent to You can send clear photos or scan them in and send them to the email address. Please make the subject (your name) License. This will help them stand out faster. You can also snail-mail them to:

Utah Department of Agriculture
ATTN: Pesticides
PO BOX 146500
Salt Lake City, UT 84114

Your CEUs can all be from online sources, but they must be earned during your valid license period, and they must have the proper breakdown of categories for your license type.

Not Enough CEUs?

If you do not have enough CEUs and don’t anticipate receiving enough by the end of the year, you can retake the test. You can find testing instructions on our home page under the “Obtaining/Renewing a Pesticide Applicator’s” tab or on the right side of this page. There is not a late fee when renewing your license by taking the test after it has expired.

For Pesticide Business Licenses 4000

In addition to the payment to renew the business license, we need a copy of the renewal form emailed to We need to keep the renewal form for our records. Just the payment is not enough to renew. If you do not send a copy of the renewal form to UDAF, your license will not be renewed, even if you have paid. 

For Restricted-Use Pesticide Dealer Licenses 4004

In addition to the payment to renew the dealer’s license, the required RUP Dealer License training must be completed. Login information was emailed to you when we first implemented the training. If you need the information again, please contact UDAF staff at ASAP. At the end of the training, you will be awarded a certificate of completion, which must be emailed to UDAF staff in order to renew the license, along with a renewal form. If you do not send a copy of the renewal form or Certificate of Completion to UDAF, your license will not be renewed, even if you have paid. 

Renewal Forms:

RUP Dealer Renewal Form

Commercial Business Renewal Form