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How to Apply or Renew for a Hemp Grower License

What Is Needed To Apply For A Grower License?

1.) A completed criminal history report from the FBI (background check). The criminal history report cannot be older than three months

2.) A legal description of the growing area

3.) An aerial photograph identifying the lots of each area

4.) An application for a Hemp Growers License

5.) Pay $500 License Fee: Call 801-982-2200 (Payment Receipt will be emailed to you)

Who Can Grow Industrial Hemp?

The State of Utah allows individuals, businesses, and universities to grow industrial hemp, provided they are licensed by the Department and meet requirements.

Can I Import Industrial Hemp Seeds To Grow?

Yes, you must obtain your license before purchasing hemp seeds and apply for a transportation permit before importing out-of-state seeds. Please read the following from USDA.

Can I Register Two Parcels Under One Hemp Growers License?

Please apply for the locations you want to grow and UDAF will evaluate the application.

How Do I Get A FBI Background Check?

To obtain an FBI background check, visit the FBI Electronic Departmental Order Identity History Summary Checks page. The completed background check used in applying for an industrial hemp license must have been issued no longer than 90 days prior to submitting your Industrial Hemp Grower Application.

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