UDAF Reaches Out to Hemp Products Distributors and Retailers to Remind Them to Register Products

UDAF Reaches Out to Hemp Products Distributors and Retailers Ahead of Beginning Enforcement of the Hemp and Cannabidiol Act of 2018

 (Salt Lake City) – The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food is taking a step toward full enforcement of the product registration section of the Hemp and Cannabidiol Act this week. UDAF is sending out a letter reminding businesses that all hemp products must now be registered with the Department and properly labeled. Hemp products include, but are not limited to cannabidiol (CBD).

The Hemp and Cannabidiol Act (Utah Code 4-41) went into effect in May 2018. The program implementing rules (R68-24, 25 and 26) were finalized in November, 2018. Since then the Department has been registering products. Because of new labeling requirements, and the requirement of a certificate of analysis of each product from a third party lab, it is taking some companies a while to complete the registration process. To this point there are about 25 products formally registered with the State of Utah. A list of registered products is available on the UDAF website: https://ag.utah.gov/documents/Cannabis/IndustrialHempRegistration%20list.pdf. In addition to the registered products there are more than 200 unregistered products that are currently in the process of being registered.

However, UDAF is aware that unregistered hemp and CBD products are still being sold within the state. The Department must ensure these products are free or harmful substances and are accurately labeled to ensure consumer protection.  Violations of the Act or its rules could result in a citation, fines; or seizure, embargo or destruction of the product being distributed. Enforcement will begin immediately with warning letters when UDAF inspectors find unregistered products. Additional sanctions will follow if needed.

UDAF’s main goal with this new program is to create a healthy and successful market for hemp products in Utah. Complete product registration information is available on our website: https://ag.utah.gov/cannabis-information.html. Please email UDAF for additional assistance: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..