Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Utah Consumers Can Trust Most Check-out Scanners


Utah Consumers Advised To “Trust, But Verify” Retail Scanner Accuracy This Buying Season


Salt Lake City, -- Utah consumers can trust most retail check-out scanners to be accurate, but the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food’s Weights and Measures inspectors advise consumers to verify prices at check-out time.  Utah consumers are expected to spend millions of dollars this holiday shopping season, and consumers should get everything they pay for.

     The Utah Division of Regulatory Services regularly monitors the accuracy of retail checkout scanners and reports that 96 percent of Utah retail outlets passed inspection this year.  A store passes inspection when 98% of the tested items are accurately marked.

     Inspections were conducted at grocery stores, auto parts stores, department stores, hardware stores, and many other types of stores throughout Utah.

     “I think consumers can shop with confidence during this holiday season that most items in our stores are marked correctly,” said Utah Commissioner of Agriculture and Food, LuAnn Adams.  “But nevertheless, I advise consumers to pay attention at the check-out counter because sometimes mistakes happen,” she added.

 Adams suggests consumers follow a few smart shopping tips.

•    Bring ads with you when you shop
•    Watch the register display and make sure the scanned price is the same as the posted price
•    Check your receipt before you leave the store
•    Speak up if you find an error
•    Record prices of items as you shop and check the price of the item at the checkout