Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Vesicular Stomatitis Quarantine Lifted

All fourteen horses and facilities under quarantine following a confirmed case of vesicular stomatitis (VS) was found in a mule at an event in southern Utah on May 1, 2015, have been released and the quarantine has been lifted. “There are no further cases under investigation,” said Dr. Warren Hess, Acting Utah State Veterinarian.

Nine of the animals never showed symptoms, five of which were released on Monday, May 11, said Hess. The remaining four horses that were not infected, as well as the five horses that were infected, were inspected and released from quarantine on Thursday, May 14, officially ending the Utah VS quarantine.

Though the quarantine is lifted, some states and countries will still have livestock import restrictions in place for any livestock traveling from Utah for a period of time. The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food urges livestock owners looking to move livestock out of Utah in the near future to check with the destination jurisdiction for any possible restrictions. Click here for a PDF version of the statement.