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Fertilizer Tonnage Report

Below you will find the tonnage reporting forms. Utah requires a tonnage report be filed biannually. These tonnage reports, with a tonnage assessment of 35 cents per ton, are due two months after the last day in the reporting period. There is a $20.00 minimum filing fee. If we do not receive your tonnage report by the due date there will be a $25.00 late fee.

Reporting Periods

  • January 1st to June 30th: Tonnage Report due by August 31st
  • July 1st to December 31st: Tonnage Report due by February 28th

Methods of Tonnage Reporting

  1. Manually. Enter the information in the Fertilizer Tonnage Report Forms to report your tonnage. Print forms and submit forms and payment.
  2. Electronically. Please contact our MAIN OFFICE at (801) 982-2200 to take credit card payment by phone. Submit tonnage reporting data to UDAF via email to

If you have any questions regarding the tonnage reports or the minimum fee, please contact Mark Ashcroft at (435) 755-1578 or Kari Ure at (801) 982-2307

Please use the Fertilizer Tonnage Report Forms to submit your tonnage assessments.