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County Apiary Inspectors

Bee inspectors are available to assist beekeepers in Utah. Contact your county bee inspector or UDAF Apiary Program with questions or concerns. If your county does not have a bee inspector, please contact a state inspector.

UDAF Apiary Program
(801) 982-2313
County Inspectors

County Name Phone Email
Box Elder Martin James (435) 760-0805
Cache Martin James (435) 760-0805
Iron Blaine Nay (435) 590-7569
Millard Michael Stephenson (435) 864-8346
Salt Lake Peter Somers (801) 874-2999
Tooele Kelly Keele (435) 830-3888
Weber Rex Weston (801) 644-3350
Washington Blaine Nay (435) 590-7569


If you reside in a county without an inspector, section 4-11-5 of the Bee Inspection Act states that the board of county commissioners can appoint one upon petition of five or more persons who raise bees. The list of beekeepers currently registered in Utah can be found here (then click 1201).