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How to Participate in the Utah Pollinator Habitat Program

All applications for Habitat Kits to establish or enhance pollinator habitat can be submitted through our Online Application Form (2023 version coming soon). There will be a limited number of Habitat Kits available in fall 2023 planting and not all applicants may receive plants. Distributions for the 2023 season will be expanded to southern Utah, with state-wide distributions expected. The type of Habitat Kit you are awarded will depend on availability and needs with in your ecoregion. Participants will be selected based upon the information submitted through the online application, and the projected outcome of plantings based on various conditions. 

Applicants will be asked detailed information on property location, size of the area available for pollinator planting (project area), and proximity to a waterway or riparian area. Questions regarding domestic bee and apiary practices vs. habitat improvements primarily targeting native bee habitat may influence grant awards. Grantees will be awarded up to 25% of Project costs in the form of habitat kits and native seed packets for the purpose of planting UDAF-approved pollinator-friendly resources on your site. Requests for participation in voluntary seed collection protocols may be noted on your application. 

The Utah Pollinator Program launch was announced in June 2022. The second year of the program will open its online application process May 1, 2023 and close June 15, 2023. Awardees will be notified by August 1, 2023 of project selections. Additional details concerning available plant and seed species and intended distributions will be provided on this website.

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