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Meat and Dairy Processing

The mission of the Dairy Compliance program is to provide effective public health control throughout the production, handling, pasteurization, and distribution of milk and milk products in order to facilitate the shipment and acceptance of high sanitary quality milk and milk products.


Forms and Links

Dairy Testing Lab
Dairy Program License Application Form
National Milk Drug Residue Database reports for Utah processors
National Conference of Interstate Milk Shippers


Utah Code and Administrative Rules Relating to Dairy Inspection

Utah Dairy Act (Utah Code Annotated: Title 4, Chapter 3)
Dairy Promotion Act (Utah Code Annotated: Title 4, Chapter 22)
Compliance Procedures (R70-201)
Grade A Pasteurized Milk (R70-310) This rule formally adopts the Federal ordinance
Minimum Standards for Milk for Manufacturing Purposes, its Production and Processing (R70-320)
Raw Milk for Retail (R70-330)
Ice Cream and Frozen Dairy Foods Standards (R70-350)
Procedure for Obtaining a License to Test Milk for Payment (R70-360)
Butter (R70-370)
Grade A Condensed and Dry Milk Products and Condensed and Dry Whey (R70-380)


Special Inspection Fees for Food and Dairy

Inspection fee, per hour $26.50
Food and Dairy Inspection fee, overtime rate $34.40
Certificate of Inspection $10.00
Citations, maximum per violation $500.00