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Utah Requirements for the Sale and Movement of Livestock

Brand Inspection Requirements for Horses

  1. It is recommended but not required that horse owners record a brand with the state and have their horses branded. A freeze brand may be more eye appealing and less painful that the hot iron brand, but either will work.
  2. Brand inspections are required by law. Get a brand inspection certificate issued by a department inspector, even if the horse is not branded, when:
    1. Changing ownership.
    2. Leaving the state. This requirement may be met by obtaining:
      1. 72-hour travel inspection; cost $20.00 (one-way) up to 10-head; Then $2.00 per head after the first ten
      2. Yearly travel inspection; cost $25.00
      3. Lifetime travel permit (honored in all states and Canada; good for lifetime of horse); Cost: First horse $55.00; each additional $35.00 per head
    3. When traveling anywhere within the state, always carry proof of ownership. This may include:
      1. Brand inspection certificate or auction invoice showing where you purchased the animal. A bill of sale will not be accepted as proof of ownership.
      2. Wallet-size brand card matching brand of horse.
      3. Lifetime or yearly travel permit.
      4. If you are transporting horses belonging to someone other than yourself, carry written permission from owner.


  1. All cattle that forage on open range must be branded with a Utah recorded brand. You should always carry your wallet-size brand card with you. It is recommended that all cattle not grazing on open range also be branded with a recorded brand to assist in the return of stray cattle and to prevent theft.
  2. Brand inspections are required by law. Get a brand inspection, even if cattle are not branded, when they are:
    1. Changing ownership
    2. Going to slaughter
    3. Leaving the state (yearly rodeo and show cattle inspections are provided at a cost of $25.00 per head)
  3. When traveling within the state always carry proof of ownership. The following items will be accepted as proof:
    1. Wallet-size brand card matching brand on cattle
    2. A brand inspection certificate showing where you purchased the animals or travel destination. A bill of sale does not serve as proof of ownership
    3. An auction invoice
  4. When you are transporting cattle that belong to someone else, carry written permission from owner. All cattle should be rebranded with new owner’s brand within 30 days of purchase.


  1. Transportation of sheep must be accompanied by proof of ownership such as:
    1. Brand card
    2. Sheep-hauling permit
    3. Bill of sale


  1. No brand or transportation requirements.


To reduce the risk of spreading disease from other states to our livestock the following laws pertain:

  1. All livestock entering the state must have a valid health certificate issued by a certified veterinarian in the state of origin, except when they are consigned on the brand inspection certificate directly to an approved auction or slaughterhouse, or traveling on a current animal entry permit or commuter permit.
    1. In addition to the health certificate, all horses must also have had a negative Coggins test within the last year.
    2. All cattle, bison, elk, sheep, and hogs must have a permit number issued by the Utah Department of Agriculture prior to entry.
  2. All import requirements for animals entering Utah can be found in R58-1 (Admission and Inspection of Livestock, Poultry, and Other Animals).
  3. Livestock being shipped or transported other states must comply with the import requirements of the state of destination.

During regular business hours (Monday-Friday 8AM – 5PM, Mountain Time), call the UDAF permit desk number at (801) 982-2235.

After hours or for emergencies, call: (801) 520-4311 Dr. Erickson



The present brand and health programs have been developed by livestock producers. The Utah Department of Agriculture is committed to helping YOU carry out these programs and thereby protecting your industry. Your support of these programs will assure their success.

NOTE: All vehicles transporting livestock are required by law to stop at all Utah Port of Entry stations.

For questions concerning these requirements, please contact UDAF Animal Industry – Brands Division at (801) 982-2240.