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How to Read a Brand or Earmark

To determine the letter or character under which a brand is filed or said, it should be read from left to right (straight away), top to bottom (stacked), or outside to inside.

Some examples are:

two lazy two brand
Two lazy two
quarter circle z stacked brand
Quarter circle Z stacked
circle t brand
Circle T


Cattle earmarks are registered by district rather than statewide. The same application process is followed to register an earmark. Sheep earmarks are recorded statewide. Recordable earmarks are described below:

underbit right earUnderbit right ear under half crop right earUnder half crop right ear
swallow fork left earSwallow fork left ear under slope right earUnder slope right ear
crop left earCrop left ear slit left earSlit left ear
hole left earHole left ear under seven right earUnder seven right ear