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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Have a Question? Please contact our Brand Recorder:

Suzanne Butler
(801) 982-2240

Brand owners can renew their registrations only during the renewal year, which is years ending with 0 or 5. For example: 2010, 2015, 2020, 2025.

Please contact the Utah Brand Recorder in order to retrieve your PIN.

Click "Address Change" menu item. Correct your address and click the "Submit" button. Your request will be processed by the Utah Brand Recorder.

No. Although online brand registration is being developed, new Earmarks and Brands cannot be registered online at this time and must be applied for manually. Please contact the Utah Brand Recorder for questions.

  • Images are indexed by the letter and symbols they contain. These characters are used to do image searches. For example, you can search for letters (ABC), numeric digits (123) or other characters in an image:"$" to find a dollar sign
  • "_" to find a bar
  • "/" to find a slash
  • "O" (letter oh) to find a circle, zero or letter O
  • "(" to find a quarter circle•   "+" to find a cross
  • To find the "Rocking AB" image you would type in "AB("
  • Also images can be searched for by typing in the word, like "hat""heart""star", or "tree."

To simplify input some characters are automatically changed to the character that is used in the image index (see list below).

•   Character ")" is replaced by "("•   Character "_" is replaced by "-"•   Character "0" is replaced by "O" (zero is replaced by upper letter "O")

The premise address is a primary physical address (not a PO Box) where an applicant's animals will be located. This is used for Premises ID/NAIS purposes only. You can register your Premises at:

This is the primary county (in Utah) where your animals are located.

In case a user has more than one brand, he can login as a "Brand/Earmark Owner - 1st Brand" to look up or renew his first brand. To lookup or renew his other brands, he needs to use the "Brand/Earmark Owner – other Brand" menu item to log in. When this second menu item is used, the program will ask for a Brand Number each time. If user has only one brand, he can use either "Brand/Earmark Owner - 1st" or "Brand/Earmark Owner - other Brand" menu option to lookup or renew his brand.

The program does not display the following information to the Public:

  • Premise ID
  • Premise Address
  • Payment Info
  • Phone if it is unlisted
  • Internal Department Notes (Comments)

Only the brand owners and authorized Brand Bureau employees have full access to the data.

Click the "Logout" menu item. The program will reset the all entered data to default values, close the Brand application and will display the Online Services page of the UDAF website.

Go to "Help" on the menu, under the "Contact As" submenu item click "Brand Recorder." The Utah Brand Recorder's contact information will be displayed.

Go to "Help" on the menu, under "Contact As" submenu item click "Brand Inspectors." The list of Brand Inspectors and their contact information will be displayed.

This menu item opens the main application page. It allows a user to drop everything he is doing and return to the main application page.