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Brand Inspection Schedule of Fees

SCHEDULE OF FEES   Effective July 1, 2019
Auction Inspection cattle per head $1.00
Beef Promotion (cattle per head) $1.50
Brand Book $25.00
Brand Inspection (minimum charge per stop) $20.00
Brand Inspection cattle per head >20 animals $1.00
Brand Inspection horse per head >10 animals $2.00
Brand Inspection Sheep per head $0.05
Brand Inspection Fee Temporary Sale (Production) $250.00
Brand Recording (charged on new or lapsed brand applications) $250.00
Brand Renewal (every 5 years) $175.00
Brand Transfer $175.00
Certified Copy of Recording (new brand card) $5.00
Citation Per Head $2.00
Citation Per Violation $200.00
Consignment Horse Temporary Sales/special sales/production sales (ALL PAY TO OFFICE) $250.00
Domestic Elk Hunting Permit $100.00
Elk Brand Inspection Service fee (per person) $15.00
Brand Inspection elk per head $5.00
Elk Facility License $300.00
Renewal late fee $50.00
First horse $55.00
Each additional horse $35.00
Lifetime Horse Travel Permit per head $35.00
Duplicate Lifetime permit $10.00
Lifetime transfer $10.00
Min Charge per cert (sheep, buying stations) $20.00
Predator control $0.25
Show and Seasonal Permits
Cattle per head $25.00
Horses per head $25.00