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How to Obtain a Certificate of Registration

A Certificate of Registration (COR) is an official document that registers aquaculture facilities with the Department of Agriculture and Food Fish Health Program. The purpose of the document is to establish the legal description of the facility, the species of aquatic animals reared and to grant the authority to engage in rearing fish for live sales. The following steps may be followed to obtain a COR:

  1. Obtain a COR application from the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, Fish Health Program (801) 982-2246.
  2. Complete the application and mail it to the Fish Health Program. Include a check for $30.00 if you own a fee-fishing facility or $150.00 if you own an aquaculture facility.
  3. The Fish Health Program will review your submitted application. If incomplete, it will be returned to you with an explanation.
  4. If your application is complete the Fish Health Program will call and schedule an appointment to inspect your proposed aquaculture site within 14 days.
  5. After successfully inspecting your site, the Fish Health Program will send a copy of your COR application and a letter to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (UDWR). The COR application and letter are sent for approval of desired species and a comment on site suitability, screening adequacy and wild fish effect.
  6. The UDWR will schedule an appointment to visit your aquaculture facility. The inspection of the site by UDWR usually takes two working weeks.
  7. The UDWR notifies the Fish Health Program of their findings.
  8. If deficiencies exist from the inspections the Fish Health Program will send you a letter stating these. When deficiencies are remedied the COR will be issued within 10 working days. If a COR is denied, your application fee minus $5.00 will be refunded with an explanation.