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COVID-19: UDAF’s Pesticide Program Q&A’s

COVID-19: UDAF’s Pesticide Program Q&A’s

Updated July 13th, 2020

Have testing centers re-opened yet?

A majority of the testing centers are now open. Go to the following link for details:  


Is licensing required in Utah to apply disinfectants and sanitizers commercially?

As long as the product is a General Use Pesticide, it is labeled for such uses and the label directions are followed (target pest, site, rates, PPE, etc.), no licensing is required in Utah. However, you can’t make claims (advertise) that your product will kill COVID-19 specifically, unless they are approved by the EPA for that specific purpose. There are two categories of products that are approved by EPA for use against COVID-19:

  1. They are on the approved list, also known as List N:
  2. The label has the verbiage “assists with emerging viral pathogens”. This list can be found here: 

All of my suppliers are out of these EPA allowed sanitizers. Can I use a product that has the same active ingredient, but is usually used for other, non-pesticidal purposes (for example hydrogen peroxide)?

No. Under federal law, it is illegal to use any chemistry unless it has been approved by EPA and labeled as such, even if the active ingredient seems to be identical. States cannot override federal law.


I can’t find the PPE I need. What do I do?

Respirators, face masks, disposable gloves and other PPE are in short supply and you  may have trouble buying them over the next few months. Review your PPE requirements and start thinking about alternative PPE (example: rubber gloves instead of disposable nitrile) or alternative pesticides that may have less PPE requirements (example: one that doesn’t require a respirator).

Hunting for Alternative Products and Practices 

CDMS Label Database: 

Crop Data Management Systems (CDMS) works with key pesticide registrants, hosting their current labels and Safety Data Sheets online. 


Pesticide Information Center Online (PICOL) for WA and OR – The search menu can find products by crop and pesticide type, and filter by target pest to seek out alternatives, and view current approved labels.


Works with manufacturers to have labels and other supporting documents. This search engine has a safety tab that lists the PPE requirements without having to search the label. The pesticide label can also be referenced. 

USDA Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Database:

Documents include common pests by crop, and a variety of pest management options.


NPIC’s Product Research Online: 

Search for federally-registered pesticides by crop, by pest/weed, and read labels online.