Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Catastrophic Wildfire Reduction Strategy Report



Following the devastating 2012 fire season, Governor Gary Herbert charged Agriculture Commissioner Blackham with the task of developing a cooperative strategy to reduce the size, intensity and frequency of catastrophic fires in Utah. A Central Steering Committee comprised of the leaders of Utah's federal, state and local land management agencies devised a strategy to answer the Governor's charge.

The committee continues to meet.  Its phase I final report is offered here. 

Click here for the PDF file of the final report

Click here for the appendicies which include:
     1. Working group participants
     2. Complete regional projects
     3. Fires in Utah; the current situation and existing resources

Supporting Documents for SW Region #6: 
Biomass CRS 2011;
Data on biomass markets
Federal Preparedness Proposal;
Hazardous Fuels Reduction Implementation Staffing;
NEPA Barriers; 
Planning Barriers; 
Smoke Mgt Barriers;

Beaver Catastrophic WildFire Project
Garfield Catastrophic Wildfire Project
Iron Catastrophic Wildfire Project
Kane Catastrophic Widlfire Project
Kane Catastrophic Wildfire Spreadsheet
State Suppression Proposal
Washington Catastrophic Wildfire Project