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Cropping System

Cropping is the area where crops are planted, raised, and harvested. This includes but is not limited to fruits, vegetables, grain, oil seeds and alfalfa.

The Utah ACES Cropping Sector focuses on field-related environmental issues, such as irrigation and water management, soil health and conservation, invasive and noxious weeds and nutrient and pest management. The Cropping System is applicable to all crops grown in Utah, including but not limited to field crops and vegetables, fruit orchards, greenhouses crops and ornamental trees.

Your local Conservation District can help you complete the workbook and provide information about other educational, technical and financial assistance.

Once the operation has completed all requirements in the workbook, the producer can contact the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food to request certification (801-538-7120 or A Utah ACES verifier will visit the farm or ranch to verify that all requirements have been met and to ensure that the operation is addressing all applicable environmental risks.

In order to maintain ACES certification a farmer or rancher must complete ACES educational sessions either on this website or by attending workshops endorsed by ACES and having a site visit to review all requirements found in the workbook at least every 5 years.

Certification Workbook


Education Materials