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Animal Feeding Operation

Animal Feeding Operation (AFO) means a lot or facility where the following conditions are met: Animals have been, are, or will be stabled, housed, or confined and fed or maintained for a total of forty-five (45) days or more in any 12-month period; Crops, vegetation, forage growth, or post-harvest residues are not sustained in the normal growing season over any portion of the lot or facility; and

Two or more AFOs under common ownership are considered to be a single AFO if they adjoin each other or if they use a common area or system for the storage or disposal of waste.

The Utah ACES Animal Feeding Operation focuses on environmental issues related to livestock activities, including manure handling and storage, invasive and noxious weeds, animal health and record keeping, and feed storage and handling, as well as other conservation practices to protect surface and ground water. The Animal Feeding Operation Sector targets all Utah livestock operations, regardless of species or size.

Your local Conservation District can help you complete the workbook and provide information about other educational, technical and financial assistance.

Once the operation has completed all requirements in the workbook, the producer can contact the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food to request certification (801-538-7120 or A Utah ACES verifier will visit the farm or ranch to verify that all requirements have been met and to ensure that the operation is addressing all applicable environmental risks.

In order to maintain ACES certification a farmer or rancher must complete ACES educational sessions either on this website or by attending workshops endorsed by ACES and having a site visit to review all requirements found in the workbook at least every 5 years.

Certification Workbook


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